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Partner With Us

Leverage our network to gain new ideas, new talent, and new solutions. DFP offers a variety of partnership opportunities. Let's start the conversation.

Sponsor a Project

DFP offers Sponsored Partner Projects to its network of student innovators and designers. Over a course of 16 weeks, five interdisciplinary teams of top students from campuses across Pakistan work with companies and organizations on partner-defined areas of social need. Students provide new perspectives on the topic and users and new product or service concepts. Sponsored Partner Projects provide a source of eager, young talent poised for future engagement.

Sponsor Leadership Studio

DFP’s National Leadership Studio is a one-day immersive experience in design innovation and social change. During this fast-paced training, students will tackle a community challenge, develop leadership and innovation skills, and gain best practices to bring back to their campuses. By sponsoring Leadership Studio, you can extend your reach within the college market, build relationships with top designers and innovators, and help drive social change. Universities, social organizations and corporations participate in this to grow their footprint and enhance their communities.

Become A Mentor

The DFP Mentorship program offers an opportunity to mentor local campus studios, conduct site visits, lead workshops and training sessions, and share DFP's design and innovation thought leadership with the DFP national network. Mentors learn about growing an organization using human-centered innovation principles and have opportunities to participate in a variety of professional development and networking opportunities with other DFP alumni and innovators. 

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Ahsaan Rizvi, Curator DFP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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